AR390068 Mega 12T Brushed Fahrtenregler (Red)
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AR390068 Mega 12T Brushed Fahrtenregler (Red)

40,40 inkl. MwSt.

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Produkt Details This high-quality ARRMA MEGA ESC unit (with integrated LiPo protector) will provide consistent and safe power control in your ARRMA Vehicle. Features Capable of running 2S LiPo or 7 cell NiMh, this MEGA ESC has overvoltage protection for safe voltage management when under heavy operating pressure – Cool-looking integrated red-anodised heat-sink for increased heat dissipation when under heavy usage – Durable Motor and Battery connection Cables for safe and reliable power transfer – Waterproof power switch with easy-touch programming button – Strong and durable red nylon case with dedicated Chassis mounted holes for added security of fitting  – Etched ‘ARRMA’ livery for cool looks and quality assurance Includes 1 x ARRMA MEGA Brushed ESC per pack

Artikelnummer: ARAM1005

EAN: 5052127004107

Hersteller: ARRMA